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In this case study, we will explore the success story of Protechshop, a client of, a company providing ecommerce services including digital marketing and ads management. initially had almost zero sales, but with the help of’s sales ideas and strategies, they were able to generate almost $2000 per day in sales.


Protechshop is an ecommerce business that offers a wide range of products. When they joined, their sales were minimal., through their expertise in marketing and ecommerce, developed a functional strategy for Protechshop and oversaw its implementation to achieve the desired results. The campaign launches and the dedication of’s team resulted in a significant increase in orders and a substantial growth in turnover month after month. As a result, Protechshop was satisfied with the outcome and decided to expand their partnership with to manage the UK and European markets.


With the help of’s sales ideas and strategies, Protechshop was able to achieve remarkable success. They went from almost zero sales to generating approximately $2000 per day in revenue. This significant increase in sales demonstrates the effectiveness of’s services and their ability to drive growth for their clients.


The case study of Protechshop highlights the positive impact of’s services on their client’s business. Through their expertise in ecommerce, digital marketing, and ads management, was able to transform Protechshop’s sales performance from almost zero to generating significant daily revenue. This success story showcases the value of partnering with a professional ecommerce service provider like to achieve remarkable growth in online sales.